Vi Vi Thai is a writer, truth seeker, healer and fearlessly determined to live a free lifestyle  regardless of others’ opinions.  She uncovered her true life’s purpose after going through a dramatic and stressful time at the end of her stay in the US as an international student and worker. During that time, she achieved a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering at Texas A & M University and a Masters of Biomedical Engineering from Cornell University. 

In this episode, Vi and I discuss the nature of personal freedom and what it means for your life. Looking at freedom from the alchemical framework, Vi shares how we can discover, follow, and embrace freedom in our lives. 

At the end of 2017, she started a new life in Canada as a new immigrant from Vietnam. Here, she embarked on a one-of-a-kind nomadic van-life adventure. Living her life purpose, Vi helps others to find their path of freedom to live their authentic selves because only then can we all be living a fulfilled life of happiness. She believes that, as we find our own inner freedom, that is when the world can be free and liberate itself to evolve to a better place in the cosmos. 

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Living Through Alchemy: A Transformational Journey to Freedom

“Discover a powerful memoir about hope, change, faith, and the fascinating secrets of alchemy.

Artfully written with a deeply authentic and spiritual tone, Living Through Alchemy seeks to dispel the myths behind alchemy, shining an illuminating light on this fascinating esoteric practice. As the culmination of a lifetime of soul searching, this guide blends the fields of art and science, painting a compelling picture of how alchemy manifests in our daily lives – along with how we can tap into this natural process of evolution to transform our minds and wellbeing.

Through a combination of philosophy, Tarot wisdom, and ancient myth, Living Through Alchemy serves as a heartfelt tribute to the life-changing potential of alchemy, reflecting on author Vi Vi Thai’s courageous journey to escape the chains of expectation and discover the meaning of freedom for herself.”

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