Dr. Catherine Uram, MD is an integrative medicine specialist, Reiki Master, and Spiritual Healer. Catherine Uram, MD helps you transform with spiritual energy, so you can contribute to a peaceful evolution of humanity. She practiced as a highly experienced physician in conventional + alternative modalities, has been engaged with sacred healing practices from around the globe, and now works where she can be of the deepest service— with the underlying spiritual energy of life, assisting your growth + transformation.

In this episode, Catherine and I discuss her journey and experience of integrating modern medicine with traditional/ancient forms of energy healing. Although the final goal of modern medicine and energy healing is the same, i.e. to relieve distressing symptoms and promote health and vitality, the methods are very different but can actually be integrated. Whether a patient goes to see a physician or an energy healer, whatever the reason for the consultation, the desired goal is the same - to heal themselves and feel better. 

We walk as one, listening to the beating heart, allowing the unconscious to be conscious, and life to stream through us, evolving peacefully for the sake of all there is.” - Dr Catherine Uram.

Focusing on the heart and its power, we learn how simple heart-centered meditation can rapidly transform the body and promote healing. Catherine explains how important well-balanced heart-energy is to overall health and vitality. Attuning to your heart has been known to traditional healers for thousands of years, and modern medicine is, in many ways, now starting to realize this. The body has a phenomenal self-healing ability, and we can have access to this healing if we connect/attune with our heart energy. Beyond the physical, the spiritual benefits of a balanced heart are limitless. Attuning to your heart allows us to connect with Universal Love, the source energy of the whole universe, in order to live happily, grow deeply, and transform perfectly. 

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