Terry Tucker, among many things, is an author, motivational speaker, former police officer, former SWAT hostage negotiator, and a cancer warrior. Over the course of his life, Terry has worked and succeeded in many areas of life and across multiple vocations. Terry played Division I NCAA college basketball, worked in the corporate world (in marketing, administration, and customer service), became a Cincinnati police officer at the age of 37, worked as a security consultant, basketball coach, and recently as a motivational speaker after having been diagnosed and treated for cancer for the past 9 years. 

In this episode, Terry and I discuss how and why he wrote the book, what it was like for him to become a police officer and SWAT hostage negotiator at the age of 37, how he dealt with his brutal cancer treatment, and what it all means for him now. 

Throughout his professional life, Terry has found himself having to relearn and remaster new skills and attitudes for dealing with the unique demands and challenges of each career. Throughout all of this, though, Terry has found that excellence in any field of endeavour is possible if one has the right mindset, support system, and willingness to learn. From this, he has recently written a book called Sustainable Excellence, Ten Principles to Leading Your Uncommon and Extraordinary Life where he outlines his findings to help people achieve greatness in their lives. 

Get a copy of Terry’s book Sustainable Excellence, Ten Principles to Leading Your Uncommon and Extraordinary Life: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08GLGVTVS  

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/terrytucker2012  

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