Dave Stevens is a husband, father, son, novelist, songwriter-for-hire, and corporate storyteller. He has a background in journalism, project management and psychology, and is passionate about creativity as a human lifeforce. Dave is curious about most things and is currently learning the piano. He dreams that one day creativity becomes an important world currency.   

In this episode, Dave and I discuss a variety of topics relating to creativity and the creative process. Creativity is traditionally thought of a characteristic trait that one either has or does not have. However, ultimately everyone has the capacity to bring creativity into their lives and to harness its power of creation. While technical skills are often correlated with creative design and artistic expression, these skills are not a necessary requirement of creativity. Moreover, to be creative does not require one to also meet a list of success criteria. To embrace creativity is to embrace life - in its multitude of manifestations. Whether in art, business, gardening, writing, or any other endeavour, it is possible to find the space and opportunity to be creative. Our creativity is only limited by our minds - by our judgements of ourselves and of others. In the end, being creative means going beyond the limits of the mind and allowing life to flow through us. We needn’t concern ourselves with what others think of our endeavours, nor with how we may judge ourselves; we need only allow ourselves the opportunity to embrace life, to feel joy, and, ultimately, to the freedom to create. 

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