Doug Sands is a Weight Loss Hypnotist who specializes in the emotions behind our weight. Using hypnosis, he helps clients remove the emotional roadblocks that most often sabotage our weight and health goals. Doug is also the host of the 'Weight Loss with Hypnosis' podcast, a show that explores the science of weight loss with nutritionists, health coaches, and fitness experts.

In this episode, Doug and I discuss how a near-death experience lead him to finding his true passion in life - investigating and understanding the human psyche and working to help people overcome obstacles, deal with stress and anxiety, handling difficult emotions, and ultimately living their life to the fullest - all through the power of hypnosis. 

We discuss the science and techniques of hypnotism, and how we can use hypnosis to overcome our challenges. Doug specializes in hypnosis for weight loss and anxiety. Doug explains how we can change our beliefs and thought patterns in order to live a joyous life.  He explains that our beliefs and thoughts are programs that our minds run based on past experiences and learned behaviour. We have the capacity to change these programs to ones that are much healthier and bring more joy and freedom into our daily lives. 

"Your brain isn't broken. In fact, your brain is working perfectly. It's simply running an imperfect program perfectly." Doug Sands

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Disclaimer: Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy are not meant to treat any disease, but rather to build resources, improve motivation, and provide new tools to guide you towards helping yourself improve.

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