Jon Perrin is a police officer living with PTSD, and together with his wife Jen, run a podcast and charity foundation dedicated to educating and supporting mental health programs and initiatives that have helped Jon and many others living with this terrible injury. 

In this episode, Jon, Jen, and I discuss their journey of living with PTSD. PTSD is a very complicated and troubling psychological/moral injury that affects many first responders. In sharing his story of how PTSD affects him and his life, Jon encourages others who may be in similar situations to have a better understanding of what’s going on, to know that there is help available, and that it is something that can be dealt with. While there are many difficulties, fears, and challenges that come with having PTSD, Jon and Jen are a true testament to the power and possibility of healing. 

“Twisted trauma is the life story of myself, Jon Perrin. My childhood traumas to being a police officer diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. Come share some of my darkest moments and together learn how we can survive. Also join us every Saturday for the Saturday stir-up with Jon and Jen.” 

The Twisted Trauma Foundation is a non-profit organization started by Jennifer Perrin a Registered nurse and manager with over 20 years experience in the nursing field.  Jen is a wife to Jon Perrin a first responder who suffers with PTSD.  Twisted Trauma provides peer support to first responders, civilians, and their families who are living with a mental health illness or injury.  Twisted Trauma raises awareness and money for mental health programs and initiatives in our communities, as well as provides educational/motivational stories from individuals who are living through mental health illness or injury.   

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