Dr Mark Ryall is a retired economics teacher, a competitive Canadian triathlete, and author of speculative fiction novel "Age-Decoded". Mark wrote his “Age Decoded” because of “the many advancements in CRISPR genetic engineering. The book's central question is: What could possibly go wrong with the advent of genetic engineering? The story itself focuses on genomicist Dr. Frieda Sengmeuller, who uses CRISPR to finally stop human aging. But the government secretly uses her methods in other psychological ways, jeopardizing freedom and democracy.” Mark says that: “[he] feels this topic so important, given the impending tsunami of genetic engineering technology. A novel like mine enables readers to really imagine and feel the effects on humanity.” 

In this episode, Mark and I discuss some of the potential implications of genetic engineering; both the positive/beneficial side to this emerging technology as well as the potential negatives/dangers that may also arise. 

Get a copy of “Age-Decoded”: https://books2read.com/age-decoded  

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